Foundation Crack Repairs by New England Dry Basements in Avon, Connecticut

Foundation Crack Repairs / Foundation Repairs

In spite of today’s improved building materials, foundation crack repairs are still a common need among Massachusetts homeowners. Foundation cracks can appear in your basement walls and floor. These foundations cracks can be caused by many things:

  • Settling
  • Soil expansion and contraction
  • Temperature changes
  • Hydrostatic and lateral pressure
  • and much more.

A common place for foundation crack repairs is at the corners of your basement windows.

These cracks leak and you’ll find yourself trying to soak up the water seeping through the cracks in your basement walls and/or basement floors. As if it’s not bad enough to discover water in your basement, the possibility of mold is always a major concern… unless, of course, you call New England Dry Basements for your foundation crack repairs. Some homeowners try to fix the crack themselves only to find that the material they used just cracks again. Save yourselves the time and the wasted money. Foundation crack repairs are an inexpensive solution best handled by our experienced technicians. When repairing a crack correctly, special epoxies and polyurethane resins are used by injecting them deep into the wall or floor to seal the entire crack not just the surface. Good news! Most foundation crack repairs can be accomplished in less than one day. Watch our video below to learn how we repair foundation cracks.

If your Massachusetts basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it.

Don’t put up with a wet basement… Call us today for a free estimate on your foundation cracks at 413-297-3080, 508-736-3371, or 978-494-7073.