Permanent wet basement repair by New England Dry Basements in Massachusetts

Permanent wet basement repair with New England Dry Basements… your basement waterproofing specialists for your wet Massachusetts basement.

In need of wet basement repair? Some of the more common ways your basement can leak are:

  • Porous concrete or masonry
  • Poor soil drainage
  • Window well seepage
  • Hatchway leeks
  • Foundation wall or floor cracks
  • Cove joint seepage and seepage over the top of your foundation walls

And yes… we fix them all via a number of wet basement repair services.

Reclaim your basement today with wet basement repair from New England Dry Basements.

If your Massachusetts basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it.

Don’t put up with a wet basement. Call us today for a free estimate on your wet basement repair at 413-297-3080, 508-736-3371, or 978-494-7073.