Replacement basement windows by New England Dry Basements is very affordable and a great way to prevent dampness and water from entering your basement.

Replacement basement windows are very affordable and they’re a great way to prevent dampness and water from entering your basement. Does your basement smell damp but you can’t find the source of the dampness? If you don’t have cracks in your foundation and your basement hatchway is not leaking, the culprit is most likely your basement windows. While many homeowners replace the windows in their living spaces with double pane windows, often times, replacement basement windows get overlooked. If you’ve got older basement windows with wooden frames, your home and your energy bills will certainly benefit from replacement basement windows. Those old, out-dated windows let the cold weather in during the winter months and they let the humidity in during the summer months.

Some homes can also benefit from installing a window well drain. We’ll add a drain that leads to a drain tile, a well or to the great outdoors, providing you with the best possible solution for your needs.

If your Massachusetts basement is wet or damp or moldy or it leaks, we can fix it. If your basement windows need replacing, we can install affordable replacement basement windows.

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