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Your Basement Waterproofing Specialists
Eastern, Central & Western MA: #HIC.166721
Financing Available. Rates as low as 0%.
Technologically Advanced System | Licensed, Bonded & Insured | Free Estimates

How the Change of Seasons Affects Your Massachusetts Basement

October… the weather is warm one minute and cold the next. It's the changing of the seasons, and — in Massachusetts or in any state in New England — that change can be severe in just a matter of hours. So... how do the changing seasons affect your New England basement?

The change of seasons and the dropping temperatures can have an impact on your your entire home, but your basement is particularly impacted. Your foundation expands and contracts with fluctuations in temperature. Even in a relatively mild winter, the difference in temperature can cause the soil around your home to shift. This movement can be enough to generate cracks in the foundation. While the cracks may pose no immediate threat, they can, over time, grow larger and are an easy way for water to enter the basement. Wham, bam, one-two-three! No more dry basement!

But at New England Dry Basements, our three-step, pressure-injected foundation crack repair not only fixes the crack, but it remains flexible. This allows it to move with the foundation during temperature changes, keeping the bond from breaking and allowing water to leak in.

The injection process requires a certain level of experience and patience by the technician to do it right. What's a homeowner to do? Call New England Dry Basements in eastern MA and central MA at 508-736-3371 or at 413-297-3080 in western MA.

Winter is right around the corner in Massachusetts. Take a walk around your home's perimeter now. If you notice any cracks in your foundation walls, give us a call for a free estimate now, before the winter winds howl… and before your expanding and contracting foundations crack!

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