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Your Basement Waterproofing Specialists
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Financing Available. Rates as low as 0%.
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Why is a Dry Basement so Important?

Whether your basement is a finished living area or just a place to hold all your “stuff,” it’s important to keep that area dry and safe.

You know a wet basement can cause many problems, from the minor – like a soggy carpet – to the major, such as structural damage to support columns.

Flooded basements can be remedied many ways, with sump pumps, drainage systems or structural repairs to your foundation. All of these are designed to stop the water from entering your basement.

But what about the basements that don’t have standing water? They just have that damp, musty smell and feel like a steam bath in the summer. That can be just as dangerous.

Up to 50% of the air you breathe indoors has been in the basement. A damp musty basement can contaminate your entire home, affect your family’s health and be a breeding ground for mold.

There are solutions for this too! A basement dehumidifier, like the Santa Fe Classic can help remove excess moisture from the basement. Mold and mildew need moisture to grow. Modern dehumidifiers like the Santa Fe are also much more energy efficient than older models.

It should be noted that many people over-do it when it comes to running their dehumidifiers. A setting under 60% relative humidity is usually sufficient to inhibit mold growth and can save you a bit on that electric bill.

Another alternative is a basement or crawlspace air exchanger like our Humidex models. These create a continuous airflow in your basement or crawlspace to remove moisture in the area. Additionally, it helps remove odors, mold spores and indoor gases and pollutants, replenishing it with warmer drier air from upper levels.

Your New England Dry Basements Professional can help determine which course of action is right for your house and your budget.

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